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Direct Network Marketing  is a complete, full featured software which helps a leader to keep an eye all the time from anywhere on his team. Which further helps in taking decision to manage team in a much better way. It is one of the best available software in the world which can help Team Leaders to grow their  Direct Network Marketing Business in a faster way compare to other Teams. Our Motto is “GROW FASTER BEFORE OTHERS EVEN THINK ABOUT IT”. Grow with Direct Network Marketing  Powered By Business Integration Software Ltd. UNITED KINGDOM.

 Direct Network Marketing can also be called  Multi level Marketing software, Direct Selling Software or Multi Level MarketingMLM Software. 

MLM Software Teams

Provides team Performance


 Team Rank

 Details of how team operates under team lead

 Inactivate and activate team

 Add Income

  Add Achievement of the teams.

 Add Performance of the teams

 Update the team detail in a click

Direct Network Marketing Software member
MLM Software

MLM Software Events

Full event management for multi level marketing.

 Allows you to create seminar, meetings and events

 Allows other Team Member or Non Member to register for seminar, event or meetings 

Allows you to add the venue

 MLM Software allows you to view non members for the meetings, seminar or events

 Print details of event as desired for the meeting, seminar or events

MLM Software Reports

Provides comprehensive reports facility. 

Reports of team members rank wise chronologically along with team achievements report

 Income monthly or weekly as desired report is provided.

 Event, seminar or meeting reports for Team Leads and Team Members.

 Team Members and Team Lead Reports along with Product and Package reports

 MLM Software allows download reports and printing reports in PDF format for  future reference, multiple options available.

Multi Level Marketing Software
Direct Selling Software

MLM Software Documents

Full document management

All your documents are visible to Team Leads and its Team Members 

With MLM Software advance search capabilities allows the document to be searched by name 

MLM Software Products

Full management of products including using excel file

Add and update the products 

Store the distributor price and MRP for your convenience.  

Have URL of product to point to full product details of product. 

Direct Marketing Software
Direct Network Marketing Software packag

MLM Software Package

Combination of  products to make packages for direct selling

 Allows see reward for package and income

 Allows dynamic package consisting of many products

MLM Software Appointments

Up to date updates of scheduled appointments.

 Add and update the appointments

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