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Online Exam Software is a user-friendly, intelligent software for exam purpose .  All the tools are provided through Home page for our clients.  

it is modified and can be managed to fit the departments or any section of a school. Admin or head can manage functionality by providing functional rights to individual managers or admins. Provides Assessments for mock test with built in Online Assessment Software

 Build your own question bank and conduct exams based on your own question bank software

These services are developed in close collaboration with some of the leading educational institutions and businesses internationally. Our Online Exam System complements educational needs and provides one of the best system for exams and tests.

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Online Examination System provides dashboard panel for all the functionality including admin and management controls.

Online Test System
Online Assessment Software

Provides facility to create and update exam for with unlimited functionalities for adding students and tests.

 Provides random question selection during exam allocation. Students are able to jump to any random question on demand, if required.

 All the exams are time bound and student is automatically logged off from the system, when exam times out.

Provides facilities to allocate long term assignment which can be submitted anytime.

 Assignment can be suspended or resumed on demand and not time bound.

Online Assessment System
Online Test Builder

Provides facilities to add student from external feed or manually on the system. 

Students can be enrolled by school, college, university or institutes and change department and classes by admin or heads. 

  Online Test System provides all the test system administrative facilities.

Question can be created by Category, Sub-category or Topic wise.

 Question can be uploaded from an external feed.

 Questions can be Objective or Subjective with single or multiple choice options.

Exam taking Software Online
Exam taking Software Online

Students or candidates can be allocated to classes or departments.

 Students or candidates can be archived.

 Student or section can be moved to alternate department or class.

Online Exam Software is designed to conduct online exams whether of descriptive or objective type.  It stores complete database of students, every detail of student can be stored in it. It has a feature of automatic generation of marks of objective type exams, so if you are a big organization having lots of students, then this software is best deal for you. With automatic checking, it also generates the performance reports of students so that you can analyse them.